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How Sponsorship Works (Sponsorship Packages)

Offering Sponsorship Packages is a great way to attract large donations to your fundraiser!

You can create as many Sponsorship Packages/Tiers as desired, and participants can pay directly online.

Upon completing checkout, the sponsor will receive email confirmation of their purchase.

See a demo fundraiser with Sponsorship enabled here: Demo Fundraiser

Follow these simple steps to set up sponsorship on your fundraiser:

  1. Go to your fundraiser, Log In, and click Edit.

  2. On the General Info page, scroll down to Purchase options, toggle on My event offers sponsorship packages.

  3. Click Next.

  4. On the Additional Settings page, scroll down and click Save Changes.

  5. Within the Setup Sponsors banner prompt on your fundraiser, click Setup Now (Or go to Advanced > Setup > Sponsors).

  6. On the Purchase options page that appears, click Show Details next to Sponsors.

  7. Add sponsors / sponsorship tiers by clicking Add tier.

  8. Set a nameprice (if desired), limit (if desired), and description.

  9. Click Save in the bottom right corner when finished.

  10. If desired, you may set a date to automatically close sponsorship sales by clicking ‘Set auto-close date’ as shown below:

  11. Click Save Settings to confirm.

As the owner of a fundraiser you will have access to all sponsor details in your Donations Report. See the following article & video on how to access it: How to Access Your Fundraiser's Donations Report

Sponsors will receive a receipt / confirmation email once their purchase is complete.

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