Need to sell tickets? No problem, just turn on our Fundraiser Tickets feature!

You can create as many ticket tiers as desired, and participants can pay directly online.

Upon purchase confirmation, the donor will receive an email receipt with their tickets attached.

Simply fill in the information for each ticket, set the name, price / free, limit / no limit, description, and add any variations you’d like to offer by clicking "Add ticket variation" to the right of the name field.

For detailed written steps, see below the video.

As the owner of a fundraiser you will have access to all ticket purchase details in your Tickets Report and Donations Report. To access these, refer to the below:

How to Access Your Fundraiser’s Donations Report

How to Access the Tickets Report (Fundraiser Level)

Donors will receive a confirmation email once their purchase is complete.

Written Steps

On the General Info page:

  1. Scroll down to Purchase Options, toggle on My event has tickets and click Next.

  2. On the Additional Settings page, scroll down and click Create Fundraiser.

  3. A message will pop up saying “Would you like to configure tickets and merchandise now?” - Select Go to Tickets & Merchandise. You will also see a Setup Tickets prompt on the main fundraising page. Click Setup Now to be taken to the same place.

  4. On the Purchase Options page that appears, click Show Details next to Tickets.

  5. Add tickets by clicking ‘Add Ticket Tier’.

  6. Set nameprice / freelimit / no limit, and description.

  7. Add any variations by clicking ‘Add ticket variation'

  8. Click Save when finished.