If you’ve ever wanted to add that “Signature Touch” to your Team or Personal Fundraising Page, creating a Custom URL is a great way to start! Having a link that is memorable and easy for potential donors is a great way to promote your fundraiser.

Please note that this feature is not enabled by default.

You will need to reach out to your organization to request it be enabled on your site.

This feature allows you to create a custom URL for your Team or Personal Page by setting your own suffix.

For example, if I set my suffix to ‘jake’, and my site is 'mysite.crowdchange.co', my custom URL will be:


Please follow these steps to set your custom URL suffix:

  1. Go to your Team or Personal Page and Log In.

  2. Click Edit in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

  3. Enter a custom URL suffix under Name Your Team Page / Personal Page Link. (As shown below)

…If the suffix you want is already taken, you will receive an 'X' mark (as below) and will not be able to save.

Once successfully saved, you will be ready to share this link with friends and family, or on social media!

Eg: mysite.crowdchange.co/page/jake