Use our Team Fundraising Pages feature to raise significantly more with your fundraisers and increase supporter engagement!

To use this feature, be sure to turn on ‘Team fundraising pages’ under Peer-to-peer features on the Additional Settings page when you are setting up or editing your fundraiser.

From your main fundraising page, click ‘Create a Page or Team’ → ‘Start a Team

Enter your Team Name, Fundraising Goal, and if you’d like to add your own image, video, or text description, turn off these toggle switches:

Inviting Members to Your Team

Step 1: On your team fundraising page, click the 'link' icon next to the social media share icons. This will provide you with a link you can share with your network of people that will take them directly to your team page. You can also use the social media share buttons to post the link to Facebook and Twitter feeds, or a specific social media group. Your supporters can simply click "Join a Team" to create a their own personal fundraising page within your team.

Step 2: Each team member will enter their name and personal fundraising goal. If they would like to upload their own image or video, they can simply toggle off the slider for "Use fundraiser's image and video". If they would like to use their own personalized description, they can toggle off "Use default description text" and enter their own message.

If someone does not have the link to your team page but would still like to create a personal page that is linked to your team, they can do so from the main fundraising page by clicking "Create a Page or Team" and selecting "Join a Team".

Your team members can search or simply scroll through the team list to find the team they want to join. After selecting the team they wish to join, they will be prompted to create their own personal fundraising page within that team.