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How to Create an eCards Store

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create your first eCards Store! eCards are an awesome, easy-to-use feature of CrowdChange which brings added value and engagement to your online fundraising portal.

The video will walk you through the following:

  1. Toggle on eCards from the Additional Settings page (0:28)

  2. Set up eCards (0:42)

  3. View a quick demonstration of the user flow (2:31)

  4. Edit the eCards email template (4:45)

  5. View the eCards Report (5:18)

  6. View a great example eCard Store from one of our partners! (6:20)

eCards can be sent via Email, postal Mail or SMS.

Please note that Tax Receipts will only be issued for eCard purchases if the following are true:

  • Tax Receipts are enabled on your CrowdChange site.

  • Tax Receipts have been enabled in the eCard store / fundraiser settings.

  • The transaction amount meets the minimum amount set either at the site-wide, or fundraiser level.

You can re-send, re-schedule, and cancel eCards from Report > eCards Report, shown in the video.

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