You can use our Mailing List feature to send out email fundraising campaigns, or just to send a personalized thank you to your donors!

It’s a great way to keep supporters up to date and engaged with your fundraiser, team or personal page.

To use the Mailing List, click the envelope icon on your fundraising page, or click Advanced → Mailing List.

This video will show you how to get started and send out your first email campaign!

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Written Steps

  1. Go to the fundraiser, team or personal page in question, and log in with the email you used to create it.

  2. Click the envelope icon next to the social sharing icons on your page:

  3. Next, click New Campaign in the upper right hand corner of the Mailing List home page.

  4. Click the To field, then the down arrow in the top left corner to select recipients. Select Donors and all existing donors will appear below.

  5. Click the checkbox in the upper left hand corner to select all, or click the checkbox next to your desired recipients and click Add Recipients.

  6. Click Select email template and select the existing template you would like to use, or select Use blank template to create your own.

  7. Select Click here under the From field to add yourself as the sender. A pop-up will ask for your name and email address. Once entered, CrowdChange will send a verification code to your email to confirm your identity.

  8. When you receive the email verification code, copy/paste the code into your CrowdChange page and click Verify. If you did not receive a verification email, please click resend verification code.

  9. Enter your subject line, your desired email text or edit/update an existing template by using the editing options within the Message Body editor.

  10. Use the Add Dynamic Fields dropdown to have certain data automatically pulled in when sending to multiple recipients simultaneously. For Example, you can use the dynamic fields for the following data points so you can send one email to multiple recipients, rather than many single-recipient emails, having to enter these every time: Recipient First Name & Last Name, Fundraiser Raised Amount, Link to Fundraiser and more.

  11. To save this as a template, toggle on Save this message as a template for future use, confirm the message is intended for the purpose of fundraising, and click Send to send your message.