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Style Feature Overview (Old UI)

The Style feature allows Fundraiser Owners and Site Administrators to change the colour scheme, look, and feel of a General fundraiser, as well as it’s Header, Sub-header, and Footer.

To access the Style feature:

  1. Log In to a CrowdChange account with Admin permissions, or the CrowdChange account that was used to create the fundraiser in question.

  2. Click the Style button in the upper right-hand corner of your main fundraising page.

Choosing Colours

All colours have a corresponding HTML Hex Code associated with them. Colours in the Style menu can be picked using the built-in gradient and colour-wheel system, or the HTML Hex Codes can be manually entered. There are numerous HTML Hex Code Colour Matching services on the internet, which can be a great tool if you are looking to match your fundraiser’s look to a logo or an image.

Once you click the Style button, a side panel will appear with options for editing the different elements.

Within the Style menu, you have the ability to adjust the following:

  • Using the General menu, you can:

    • Change the Primary colour of your Fundraiser.

    • Change the colour of your Fundraiser’s top bar.

  • Using the Header menu, you can:

    • Change the background colour of your fundraiser’s header.

    • Change the text colour of your fundraiser’s header.

    • Apply a gradient to your fundraiser’s header.

    • Toggle off the image option - this will cause your fundraiser’s header box to not display an image.

    • Adjust the alignment of the header image - this can be adjusted to the right (default), left, or centrally.

    • Use the uploaded fundraiser photo as the header background.

  • Using the Sub-header menu, you can:

    • Adjust the background colour of your sub-header bar.

    • Use a gradient on your sub-header bar.

    • Change the text, button background, and button text colours on your sub-header bar.

  • Using the Footer menu, you can:

    • Change the background colour of your footer.

    • Change the text colour of your footer.

After making any changes, be sure to click Save. If for whatever reason you do not like the changes you have made to your fundraiser, you can click Reset to Default to revert the style of your fundraiser back to the site-wide default look.

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