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CrowdChange Image Editor

The CrowdChange Image Editor allows you to make a wide variety of useful, beautiful edits to your fundraiser cover photo, and other Admin images such as Site Logo, Meta Image, and Tax Receipt images.

Check out all of the features below!

  • Crop, Rotate, Zoom & Flip images (0:18)

  • Resize images with custom dimensions (2:34)

  • Add filters to change the look of your images (1:00)

  • Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Exposure, Temperature, Gamma, Clarity & Vignette (1:21)

  • Annotate & Decorate with Sharpie, Eraser, Lines, Arrows, Rectangles, Ellipses & Text (1:58)

  • Add a Frame or Margin to your image (2:23)

  • Redact portions of your image (2:28)

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