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How to Set Up Promo Codes

Do you want to offer special discounts to certain donor groups? CrowdChange includes powerful Promo Codes functionality. There are 2 types of Promo Codes you can create: Flat Discount, and Special Pricing.

Promo Codes can be applied to Tickets, Merchandise and/or Registrations.

Step 1: Enable Promo Codes on your Fundraiser

The first step is to enable the Promo Codes feature in your fundraiser settings. To do so, from your main fundraising page, click Edit Mode, then Advanced settings → Edit.

On the Additional Settings page, scroll down to Advanced Features and enable Promo Codes.

Step 2: Create a Promo Code

To create a new Promo Code, simply follow the steps below:

  1. From your fundraising page, enter Edit Mode, then click Advanced settings → Setup → Promo Codes. You will be taken to the page below:

2. Click Add New Promo Code and select either Flat Discount or Custom Pricing.

Flat Discount

Allows you to offer a discount of a specific dollar value or percentage, applied to some, or all items.

In the example below, a 50% discount applies for All Tickets and 2 out of 3 Registrations, but no Apparel / Merchandise.

At the bottom you will see that this Promo Code has been limited to a quantity of 5, and will expire on the date set.

Custom Pricing

Allows you to set custom prices for all items, or specific Tickets, Registrations, and Apparel options, selectable via the dropdown menu.

In the example below, the Team registration option is priced at $10, instead of $50, with the use of this Promo Code, and the “Lone Ranger” option is free instead of $10.

Limit and Expiration date have also been set.

3. Once you’ve set up your Promo Code as desired, click the Save button at the bottom.

4. On the Promo Codes page as shown below, you will be able at any time to Edit, Delete, De-Activate, or Re-Activate your created Promo Codes.

You can return here at any time from Edit Mode → Advanced settings → Setup → Promo Codes.

How to Use Promo Codes at Checkout

Using a Promo Code at checkout is super simple! Simply look for the Summary box and enter your code under 'Have Promo Code?'. Click the arrow and your discounts will be applied.

Please note that only one Promo Code can be applied at a time.

To Remove the Promo Code, click the trash can icon above, next to 'Promo code applied'.

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