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How to Set Up a Raffle Ticket Fundraiser

Setting up your raffle ticket based fundraiser on CrowdChange is super easy!

Simply follow the steps provided below:

  1. Click the Start A Fundraiser button in the top-right corner of your CrowdChange site.

  2. Fill out the General Info page, toggling ON the 'My event has tickets' feature under Purchase options.

  3. Click Next and complete the Additional Settings page, then click Create Fundraiser.

  4. Click Edit Mode in the top right corner of the page.

  5. Go to Advanced settings → Setup → Tickets (as shown below) to add in your raffle ticket options.

  6. Click Show Details next to Tickets, then Add Ticket Tier to input your desired options as shown below.

  7. You will be able to enter these for each ticket: name, price / free, limit / no limit, and description.

  8. Add any variations by clicking ‘Add variation'.

  9. Click the ‘Save’ button when finished.

Access your tickets report by going to Edit Mode → Advanced settings → Reports → Tickets Report from your fundraiser’s home page.

This will give you a focused view of all tickets sold. You can then download them as a PDF or export an Excel file with all ticket related information. You can also find ticket info in the Donations Report.

For a more in depth look at the Tickets Report, see: How to Access the Tickets Report

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